Why this blog?

Reading is important. It opens doors to worlds that you may not have a chance to visit.  It allows you to experience things you might never have the chance to do.  It gives you a glimpse into how someone else is feeling, how the person responds to events, and just a chance to see how someone’s reactions affect lives.

Being able to read for an extended period of time is a skill needed later in life.  From higher education to a job to a contract to purchase a house, people need the skills to read longer and more involved subject matter.  Any skill requires practice, and if you do not practice then it will be harder to master later.

We need to encourage readers.  There has been a decline in the time spent pleasure reading across the board.  There has also been a decline in reading comprehension.  According to a 2006 study, employers rated 38 percent of high school graduates as deficient in reading skills necessary for their jobs. The study went on to say that the stronger the employee’s reading skills were, the better the job he/she held.

So why not escape to another world where dragons exist, wizards fly in enchanted cars, and aliens travel through a wormhole to reach our planet? It doesn’t all have to be educational, sometimes reading can be just for fun.  Join me in finding those books worthy of a good read.

Janice “Readmore” Rowley


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