Touching Spirit Bear good but tough read



Touching Spirit Bear

By Ben Mikaelsen

Cole has had anger issues for years, and they have gotten him in trouble, but he has always gotten out of it. When he beats a fellow student, Peter, senseless, and people have to pull him off Peter, he has gone too far.

This time no one can save him and he will probably get jail time. Then a counselor, Garvey,  steps in and puts him in front of Circle Justice. This is an alternative to jail time. Cole grasps at this so he can stay out of jail, but has no intention of following through.

When he gets sent to a small island off the Alaskan coast, he destroys his shelter and attempts an escape. Foiled by the current, he is back on the island when he sees a Spirit Bear and it angers him. He attacks the bear and gets mauled.

Saved from the island and he begins to show change, but he is about to go to jail. Edwin, an elder, and Garvey step in to help him. He goes back to the island, has to rebuild the shelter on his own, and pay for all the supplies.

Can Cole complete the change and manage his anger? Will he understand what he has done to Peter?

Good read, but this is for YA due to the graphic nature of Cole’s attack on Peter and the bear mauling.

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