Chasing Shadows will keep you reading


Chasing Shadows

by Swati Avasthi (@SwatiAvasthi)

Holly, Corey, and Savitri are close. Holly and Corey are twins, and Savitri is Holly’s best friend and Corey’s girlfriend.  One night the twins are attacked leaving Corey dead, Holly in a coma, and Savitri as a witness.

When Holly comes to, she is determined to catch the killer and save her twin from the Shadowlands, which is where she saw him during her coma. Sav tries to help Holly and catch the murderer.

What complicates things is the twins’ dad is a cop, so no one is sure whether it is random or revenge.

This was a story that I kept reading past my bedtime to see how things would turn out.

Ultimately it is the story of the affect a shooting has on the people closest to the dead. Part novel/graphic novel, similar to Brian Selznick’s stories with the blend of art and writing. Good for YA.

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