Feed by M.T. Anderson feels relevant



By M.T. Anderson

It is the future and for spring break you get to go to the moon. Cool, huh? Well that’s what Titus and his friends decide to do for some fun. There he meets Violet, who is not like any of the girls, or friends, he hangs out with. The hint is she is wearing wool, and she seems a lot smarter than all of them.

One of the first differences, besides the moon trip, is that everyone has a feed that delivers information straight into their brains. There are commercials, music, direct chat links, and more. You are interested in something? Your feed begins delivering information about that and other things you might like but, most importantly, you might want to buy. You don’t have to retain any knowledge.

Titus convinces Violet to come hang out with them and while they are at a club, a hacker jams their feed with his message. Apparently not everyone is as enamored with the feed.

After this incident and they are released from the hospital, Violet and Titus begin dating. And through their dating and experiences, we get to see more of what is going on with the world. That maybe this future isn’t so great.

People are developing lesions. There aren’t live animals around. There is an artificial sun and rain for houses and neighborhoods. Other countries aren’t thrilled with American consumerism.

The hacker attack earlier begins to have dire results for Violet. She begins losing control of limbs. And the technicians can’t seem to help. They blame it on the fact that she got her feed when she was older.

A scathing look at our future and what technology can help us become.  I listened to this as an audiobook which I think gives you a good feel for what the feed would be like in your head.

YA for drug, sex, and content.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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