Blood Between Us intriguing in parts


Blood Between Us

By Zac Brewer

Adrien has returned from boarding school in California at the request of his godfather and guardian, Viktor. Viktor is dying and hopes to reconcile Adrien and his sister Grace. Relations between the two have been tense since they were little because Adrien feels Grace resents her parents adopting Adrien. The relationship became worse after their parents died in a lab fire. Things aren’t any better now.

But Adrien plans to stay only long enough to appease Viktor and find out why Grace took pages out of their father’s journal. He has never believed the fire was an accident or because their father misplaced some chemicals. Now he has reason to believe that there might be proof it wasn’t an accident. Someone has been texting Adrien, implying Grace knows more than she is saying.

Adrien will have a hard time finding out anything now that he is back at the Wills Institute after a four-year absence. He had few friends then, but even fewer now because most side with Grace. They feel that Adrien abandoned her four years ago. Except his new roommate, Quinn, and his former best friend, Josh.

Has some intriguing parts. There is a possible romance. But the voice of Adrien was a little grating.

YA for violence, drinking, and situations.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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