Students want an education

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The Secret School

by Avi

Ida Bidson wants to become a teacher but knows it’s not possible unless she gets through high school, and she can’t do that unless she passes her eighth grade exams. The problem is her teacher gets called away to take care of her mother with a month or so left in the school year. The head of the local school board, Mr. Jordan, decides that there isn’t the time to hire a new teacher so school will let out early for the summer. No exams will be taken for that year.

Ida is distraught. She is not sure how she will ever get to be a teacher if she is forced to redo eighth grade. Her friend Tom comes up with the idea that school can go on in secret with Ida teaching all the students because she is one of the smartest students there.

After a vote, the school goes on in secret. Which begins fine, but then word begins to get out.

Will Ida and the rest of the students be able to finish the school year and take the end-of-year exams that will let them go on to the next grade?

Good for middle grade.

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