Understand the past with Understood Betsy


Understood Betsy

by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Elizabeth Ann has lived with her great-aunt and her first cousin once removed since she was a baby. They are city folk and have coddled and babied Elizabeth Ann since she was a baby. When Elizabeth Ann is 9, her great-aunt needs to get away from the city to heal after lingering cough and the cousin goes with her.

Elizabeth Ann feels abandoned and then doubly so when the city relatives who were supposed to take her can’t due to illness. She is shipped off to Vt. to live with a different great-aunt, great-uncle, and cousin who also had wanted the baby. These are good New England folk who believe in do-it-yourself. So, at first, Betsy (as she is now called) is put out and confused by what is expected of her.

Gradually she comes to enjoy living with these relatives. She develops a sense of worth. Her school seems very Montessori, which is understandable because the author was an education reformer who helped to bring the Montessori method to the states.

As fun as the Little House books for the look at the past.

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