Sounder tells story of the South



by William H. Armstrong

This is the story of a poor African-American boy from the 19th-century South. His father is a sharecropper who is having trouble putting food on the table. Night after night he and the dog Sounder go out hoping to come home with some meat to eat. One morning the boy wakes to the smell of ham. Later that day, some men come calling. They are there to take his father to prison because he stole the meat.

The story follows what happens to the family after the father’s arrest, but mostly how the boy sees the events that happened.  It gives the hardship while never flinching from the difficulties, but also the reader sees the boy knows no other reality.

Good story. It gives readers a good idea through the eyes of a child of what it would have been like back then without it being too harsh. Good for middle-grade readers.

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