Chinese Cinderella triumphs


Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter

by Adeline Yen Mah

Adeline is the youngest daughter, but she is also the punching bag for all the members of her family. Her mother died in childbirth with her so she is considered unlucky. Her father remarried and while all the children from his first marriage are ill treated by their father, stepmother, and the two new children. Adeline is mistreated by all. All except her grandfather and aunt.

This doesn’t save her. She is forced to live with any number of indignities and outright cruelties. As she struggles, she uses school to show her worth. Her family continues to make her suffer.

It is a story of ultimate triumph.  Well told.

Some of the crueler moments are not for middle grade readers so this one is for YA.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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