Burning up during Son of Sam summer


Burn Baby Burn

by Meg Medina

Son of Sam has NYC held hostage as he continues his killing spree of young couples. The city is also contending with the heat, layoffs, and a crime wave, but for Nora Lopez the real danger might be in her own home.

Her younger brother has become increasingly unstable. With a working immigrant mother, a father who has abandoned them except for monthly rent payments (when he remembers), Nora would rather spend senior year planning for when she escapes from their apartment.  She does not want to apply to college, nor does she want to try to get her brother under control.

As senior year drags to a close, Nora works hard to keep her best friend in the dark  about her home life, to keep her job, and to avoid the romantic complication of Pablo who has just started working at the deli with her.   All of this while trying to survive the summer of the Son of Sam.

Definitely YA for subject matter, but a good read that captures a city about to hit the boiling point.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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