Shadow of a Bull follows own path


Shadow Of A Bull

by Maia Wojciechowska

Manolo Olivar is expected to do great things. He is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps which is a lot of pressure to put on an eleven-year-old boy. Especially since his father was a renowned bullfighter who stepped into the ring at age twelve without any training and came by it naturally.

Manolo can’t tell anyone this, but he is afraid. He does not want to be a killer of bulls; he does not want to bring death. He is not sure what he wants to do, but he knows he doesn’t have the calling. Not like his friend Juan who can’t wait for the chance to be matched against a bull.

Manolo has to either step into that ring or has to find a way to tell all those counting on him that it is not his path.

Good for middle grade.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders



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