New releases for the week of 21 August 2016


Publication Date: 23 August 2016


100 Days

By Nicole McInnes

Agnes doesn’t know it, but she has 100 days to live (not a spoiler because a blurb about the book tells you this). Agnes suffers from progeria, a disease which causes someone to age very quickly. Most kids don’t live into their teens; Agnes is almost 16 which is very old for someone with the disease.

Her best friend and protector is Moira and while Agnes is very small, Moira is large. She would be that girl that developed very quickly in junior high. Moira has had to suffer from name calling for a while. Besides being big, she also stands out because she is a Goth. Both girls were friends with Boone years ago. He did something that caused the split.

Now all are in high school and begin a tenuous friendship. Will a romantic entanglement destroy it all?

Told in all three voices. This is a wonderful story. All three characters feel very real. For ages 12 through 18.


Read Well!



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