Moon Over Manifest a delight


Moon Over Manifest

by Clare Vanderpool

Abilene Tucker has been sent to Manifest to live with an old friend of her father’s for the summer. Her father has taken a job with the railroad and doesn’t think it’s the place for a 12-year-old girl. She feels abandoned because even though they seem to have lived a hard existence, her father has always kept her with him.

Now living in a building that is part church and part saloon, she searches for some sign that her father, Gideon, once lived there.

As she gets to know the town and its people, Abilene loses the one thing of her father’s that she can’t bear to lose – an old compass. In order to get it back she has to work off a debt to an old gypsy woman who begins telling her a story about Manifest during WWI. She also begins searching for a spy by the name of the Rattler with two other girls.

Abilene figures out that this story might tell her about her father and may give clues to the Rattler.

The story weaves nicely between present day for Abilene and the town during 1918. This is a wonderful story by the author of Navigating Early. Good for middle grade readers.

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