New releases for the week of 31 July 2016

New releases for the week of 31 July 2016


Publication Date: 31 July 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two: The Official Script Book

By J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne

We went out and bought the new Harry Potter today. I think this is the first time in years that we weren’t at a midnight party of some sort for it. The kids admitted they were a little hesitant about it because J.K. Rowling said she wouldn’t write another one, and they think she fooled them by making it a play.

We did buy it anyway; just during the daytime and not the midnight release. So we have our copy, and I might get to be the first to read it this time. (in the past, my daughter would sequester herself in her room and only emerge for meals until it was finished)

I’m looking forward to reentering the world of Hogwarts.



Publication Date: 1 August 2016

Recycled Science

By Tammy Enz and Jodi Lyn Wheeler-Toppen

This book is awesome. It has so many fun projects for kids. I know that it is “recycled” science, but I can see myself having a lot of these materials on hand in the classroom for those students who finish their work early and need a project.

From making stomp rockets to small arrow launchers, this book has the project and then the explanation for the science behind it.

I will be getting this one for my classroom!



Publication Date: 6 August 2016

Carter and the Curious Maze: Weird Stories Gone Wrong

By Philipa Dowding

Carter is at the local fair with his sister Sydney. Now that he’s turned 12 years old, he finds it all boring. In fact he says: “I’m dying of boredom! This place is dull. Nothing interesting has ever happened here in the history of the world.” Famous last words.

After speaking this, he is drawn into the world of the curious maze. From there, he finds himself back in time trapped in the maze. The question is whether he will ever be able to get back to his own time and free of the maze.

The book is part of a series, but each book is its own story and can be different genres. This had the feel of an older Magic Treehouse book. It was a fun and intriguing read. Good for a middle grade.

Publication Date: 1 August 2016

Bedtime for Batman

By Michael Dahl

Illustrated by Ethen Beavers


Publication Date: 2 August 2016

Still a Work in Progress

By Jo Knowles


Publication Date:  2 August 2016

The Infamous Ratsos

by Kara LaReau,

illus. by Matt Myers

Read Well!


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