The Trumpeter of Krakow good MG read


The Trumpeter of Krakow

by Eric P. Kelly

The story starts out with an old tale where a trumpeter who sounds the hour by playing the heynal. He refuses to leave his post when it is under siege and dies just before the final note when an arrow strikes him in the breast. Now it is tradition for this church to sound the hour but let the song remain incomplete as a tribute.

Enter Joseph who is traveling to the city of Krakow with his parents. They have fled their village where they had been attacked. They are accosted again as they try to enter the city. They are trying to get to relatives’ but those relatives have fled the city. His father tries to gain an audience with the king to deliver something very important, but the king is not in the city. Thwarted and worried that their attacker might find them, they stop in the market place to get themselves together.

Here Joseph makes a friend and his parents do also. This allows them to go into hiding and for Joseph’s father to take a job as the night trumpeter in Krakow.

Will they be able to gain audience with the king before their secret is discovered?

Good for middle grade. Gives some understanding of what life might have been like and what the early days of science were like.

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