New for week of June 26, 2016

Two new YA books for the week of June 26, 2016.
The Distance to Home
By Jenn Bishop

Publication Date: 28 June 2016

Quinnen’s family is hosting a minor league baseball player from the local team, the Bandits, for the summer. She didn’t get the player she wanted, but having a player is better than no player.

This summer is very different than last summer. Last summer Quinnen’s baseball team was rocketing to the playoffs. She was the star pitcher. And her older sister, Haley, was alive.

Now every thing has changed. Quinnen’s mom is trying to get her to join a book club or something that they can do together, but Quinnen knows that these activities her mom comes up with would be more mom and Haley things to do.

The story is told in alternating chapters; last summer and this summer. Well told and characters are well rounded. You can feel the pain of the family and the struggles of friends to help with what is going on. I really enjoyed this one. This could be younger YA.
Infinity Reborn
The Infinity Trilogy, Book 3

By S. Harrison

Publication Date: 28 June 2016

Finn has woken up in a medical facility in what appears to be an underground chamber unsure of who she is and who is her enemy or friend. Is she Infinity, a secret operative who is sent on killing missions, or is she Finn, a girl on a field trip with friends from school.

She is both and she may not be fully human, but she will have to help her friends get out of the predicament they are in, even as her brain and personalities are splitting apart.

Fans of spy thrillers and secret government operatives will want to start on book one of this series. This is YA for violence.
Happy Reading!


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