Summer Reading Challenges

Summer reading should be like a day at the beach or by the pool or on a lake – in other words, it should be fun. And I get it, as a teacher myself, teachers run out of time to cover all you’d like to or need to cover. (Then maybe we need less of a summer break, but don’t get me started on how our educational system needs a reboot – bye, bye, standardized tests!)

Anyway, sure, kids should read all summer long, but leave it to their discretion. What they read should be their choices. So what if they are reading Baby Mouse or Captain Underpants. They are READING.

So instead of assigning those books that make them want to never read again, let’s assign how long they should read each day. Maybe 15 minutes a day for younger students and a half hour or more for older. Replace the dreaded project with maybe a questionnaire or a paragraph explaining the plot. There, now they are working on reading and writing skills.  Win, win!


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