Foxspell blends fantasy, teen difficulties



by Gillian Rubinstein

Tod’s father has abandoned the family and moved back to England. Tod’s mom has lost her job and moved herself and her three kids back in with her mother while she pursues her dreams of being a stand-up comedian.

Tod is having a hard time in school, a hard time with a gang called the breakers, and just a hard time, in general, adjusting to his new life in the country. His one respite is going to a nearby quarry and searching for the foxes that live there.

As Tod’s life becomes more difficult, his trips to the quarry become more mystical and his time with the fox becomes an oasis in his crazy, upside down life.

Will Tod choose a life of the wild or his family?

This one is better for the young YA because of some of the incidents and situations. It’s also for those that liked The Lady and the Tiger or The Never-Ending Story.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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