Travel to NJ to search for the Jersey Devil


The Devil and Winnie Flynn

by Micol Ostow

Illustrations by David Ostow

Winnie Flynn is in NJ searching for the Jersey Devil. She has been recruited by her estranged aunt who is a reality TV maven for Fantastic, Fearsome after her mother committed suicide. Winnie is here because even her best friend, Lucia, think she could use a change of location and distraction.

While Winnie starts out as a nonbeliever, several creepy and close-to-home incidents occur which have her re-evaluating her view on the supernatural and the Jersey Devil in particular. There is historical weirdness surrounding the Jersey Devil, and her aunt may have some personal interest in the creature.

Winnie has to learn who to trust and who to be wary of.

Definitely for YA based on subject matter and some of the scary situations.

Story is well told. In this day of instant communication, the story is written as a long letter to Lucia who is on a trip and out of touch. Interesting to see and hear some of the supernatural myths from NJ take centerstage, but I wonder why the names Cedar Hill and Overlook were used rather than the real places when so many other real places where used.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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