Adventure found In-Between

tale of inbetween.jpg

A Curious Tale of the In-Between (Pram, #1)

by Lauren DeStefano

Pram is different. She lives in an old age home that is run by her maiden aunts, and she likes it and the oldsters. She is home schooled by her aunts and prefers it. But her main difference is she sees and can speak to ghosts (including her best friend, Felix). This last one is something she knows she should keep secret.

Due to the interference of a government type who feels Pram needs some normalcy, she is sent to school where she meets Clarence, a boy who has recently lost his mother. He decides he needs to visit several spiritualists to try to contact her. Pram goes along, but when they meet Lady Savant, who is closer to the genuine article. Savant recognizes Pram’s abilities and wants to make use of them.

This leads to more adventure than Clarence, Pram, and Felix have bargained for.

This book is exciting, well-written, and just a little bit creepy. Great for the middle grade reader who wants to try out scary.

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