Son is a fitting ending to Giver quartet


Son (The Giver quartet)

by Lois Lowry

Claire leaves her oppressive community where she was picked as a young teen to be a birth mother and then have her son taken away from her. Because she had trouble giving birth, she is taken off that duty and placed on another, but she wants to see and know her son.

The son is taken from the community by Jonas, and now Claire’s journey begins. She leaves the community also and gets caught in a storm in the water. She washes ashore in a new community and doesn’t remember her past. When she does, she decides she must journey over the mountain to find him. She prepares long and hard. When the time comes, she must make a deal with the devil (as they say).

Then the story becomes the new community’s story and more specifically Gabe’s. (from the Giver)

Here in the new community, we see how all the books intersect. And how the ultimate story is a battle of good vs. evil.

This one did well rounding out the Giver quartet. I did like the first two books better, and the beginning of this one. When things became too mystical, it just didn’t seem like the same story.

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