All Fall Down delivers excitement


All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1)

by Ally Carter

Grace has been fighting her demons since her mother was killed (murder, she says), but now she has an audience. She has been sent to live with her grandfather who is an ambassador living on Embassy Row. Her father has been deployed and her brother is away at school; this leaves the grandfather who has been avoiding her since her mother’s death.

Grace arrives and is expected to put away the story that her mother was murdered by a scarred face man and to put on a pretty dress and attend functions with her grandfather as his date. Grace messes that up when she freaks out because she thinks she sees the scarred face man.

Grace is determined to track him down. She gets the help of several of the kids on Embassy Row, from the Russian ambassador’s son to the computer genius to the twin who is for her (of course, his sister is against Grace).

They and the reader has to determine whether Grace is going crazy or, somehow, aware of a villain that the adults don’t know about.

Decent read. Started slow and got better as it went along. Of course, it left pieces hanging so there could be more books.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit, #raisingreaders


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