Light shone on racial differences in Africa in The Mzungu Boy


The Mzungu Boy

by Meja Mwangi

Kariuki spends his days avoiding the bullies at school, the teacher, and his mother.  All want to torture him in their own way.  He would rather spend his days hunting with the various unnamed dogs in his village, fishing, or watching the ducks.  Then Nigel arrives.  Nigel is the grandson of the man who owns the big farm in the area. The white man who employs most of the people in the area.

Nigel wants to be friends, but Kariuki is warned away from the white boy because if anything bad happens, he will be blamed not Nigel and then Kariuki’s dad will be fired.

One day Kariuki and Nigel  decide to hunt the largest warthog in the area. But this massive creature isn’t the most dangerous thing in the forest; rebels have been organizing and trying to mount a campaign against the white landowners. 

Good story. Should give kids a view of Africa.  This is good for the young YA and older Middle Grade reader because of some situations and scenarios. 

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit


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