A lot of action in The Rules for Breaking


The Rules for Breaking (The Rules for Disappearing #2)

by Ashley Elston

Anna Boyd has finally gotten what she wants: freedom. She is no longer in the Witness Protection Program, and even though something has happened that makes her nervous, she hesitates to call in the authorities or even tell her dad.

She has finally gotten her life back, she is dating a great guy (Ethan), her sister is getting back to normal, and her mom is in treatment for her drinking. But now she has gotten her journal back with a creepy note and a daisy, her favorite flower. She knows she should tell someone, but doesn’t want to.

She finally fesses up and her house and Ethan’s truck is searched, stronger measures are needed. Authorities are called in, but since they think there is a mole, all protection has to be kept out of the formal loop. They aren’t sure how Thomas is getting his information. Ethan’s family and hers head to Ethan’s hunting camp in Arkansas. There Anna, Ethan, and Teeny are taken by Thomas and a masked man. They watch an agent killed who was trying to protect them.

Anna has to depend upon her own wits (and Ethan’s and Teeny’s) to get out of this mess.

Lots of action. One loose thread left for possibly a third book.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit


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