I Heart My Local Library

I tiny_heart My Local Library
At my local public library on any weekend, you can find children exploring the stacks.  You see them sitting between the shelves, lost in some book, not even bothering to find one of the comfy chairs.  Adults are perusing the books or DVDs.  People are hunting for information. Study groups are meeting and working.  All of this is available for free.
This and more is why I love my local library.  I don’t think I can say this emphatically enough.  Every time we’ve moved, the first place I visit is the local library to get a card. I won’t have even changed my driver’s license yet and will have to bring a utility bill with my name and new address on it to get that card.
I’ve been in old converted houses, former strip malls, between the lions in NYC, in the upstairs of a working firehouse, and in structures built to house books.  All of these had something in common – libraries put there to serve the public. (I haven’t been to one on wheels or on a boat, but I’m on the lookout)
Each one had something to offer if you were willing to step inside.  And what amazes me is all of their services are FREE.  Classes, story time, free computer time, book discussions, art work on display, DVDs, CDs, magazines, periodicals, audio books, paperbacks, hard covers, and, now, many libraries offer audio books and e-books online. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your house anymore.
Research a report, find a book to help with homework or a home improvement project. Find a book, movie, or an album to entertain you. The magic awaits you.

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