The power of books

Travel to other cities, countries, continents, or worlds.  Books give you these opportunities.  Become a boy, a girl, a dog, a thief, a king.  Again use a book as your stepping stone.  A book plus your imagination is a powerful thing.  Everyone should have the opportunity. That’s why teacher and parents should make reading a priority.
Kids need to use their imaginations in this way.  It is a stress reliever – a way to get away from their lives.  It helps them problem solve – shows them there can be other solutions.  It teaches empathy – it allows them to see something from another’s point of view.
All these are reasons beyond the usual that improves grammar, vocabulary, etc.  Adults need to realize reading is an important tool;  it’s just as important as exercise and eating right.
But like anything kids do, in order to become better readers, they  need to practice. So don’t neglect your children’s brains this summer; take them to the library just like you take them to the pool, camp, etc. Reading 15 minutes a day will do the brain good.


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