Bluestar’s Prophecy is in cat-egory by itself


Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar’s Prophecy

by Erin Hunter

Illustrations by Wayne McLoughlin

The prologue starts out with a chase scene.  It is the future and a cat named Bluestar has to cross water to save or to misdirect those chasing her clan.  We’re not sure at this point.

Once the book begins, we head back in time to meet Bluekit and her sister Snowkit and watch them mature in tumultuous times for their clan (Thunderclan).  They seem to be having problems with the Riverclan and maybe one other.  Then the medicine cat tells Bluekit that she will blaze like fire but like fire she will be destroyed by water.

Action is blended with the mystical.  It is good for the middle grade reader because it allows them to experience some hard facts of life in a make-believe world.  (And who doesn’t want to think that their cats are talking between themselves?)

Story tells well except for the beginning and ending.  It just never seems to fit together.  Kids will enjoy it because they read like a mystic clan takes on the natural world.


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