Star Wars: Darksaber good for the Star Wars lover


Star Wars: Darksaber

by Kevin J. Anderson

For boys, there is a lot of action. For the Star Wars lover this seems like it follows the history. It was fun for me to see that Han and Leia were married with children. Of course, the book doesn’t dwell on the home life.

We start with Han and Luke on a mission. Luke hopes to encounter the spirit of Obi Wan Kenobe to help his love, Callista, regain her Jedi powers. That doesn’t work, so there will be other attempts throughout the story. At the same time, the Hutts are attempting to build a super weapon and the Empire is attempting a comeback, but all the infighting has left a hole in leadership. Admiral Daala steps in to help with this.

So there is fighting by the rebels on several fronts. Some surprises, but boys and Star Wars lovers will go for this one. A little violent so maybe for the 6th grader on up.


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