The Roar is a roller coaster ride


The Roar

by Emma Clayton (@EmmaClaytonRoar)

A futuristic world where most of the inhabitants live in cities walled off from the rest of the planet because of an animal plague.

Mika lives in a section of the city where sunlight is almost nonexistent, where everyone eats food manufactured from slime or mold, where there is no hope. Especially for him, since his twin sister disappeared a year ago. He still believes she is alive; no one else does, not even his parents.

Mika is offered the chance to play a game. At first he is resistant, but encouraged by the off-beat therapist he has been seeing, he joins in. He hopes that by playing he will be able make contact with his sister, who he can feel out there.

The world may not be as Mika has been told. The reader sees that Mika has been correct in believing his sister is alive, but all will be surprised to see how many lies have been told.


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