Endymion Spring has strong beginning


Endymion Spring

by Matthew Skelton

In the days of Gutenberg, his printer’s devil stumbles upon a secret; one that contains a crouching evil that could be unleashed in the wrong hands.  The boy can’t help his curiosity and keeps delving into the mystery.

Jump to present day Oxford, England, where a young schoolboy stumbles upon a mysterious book in a college library.  Somehow these two stories will meet.

For both boys, there is danger. The reader is never quite certain whether either will come out unscathed.

The book that both seem to be close to is a book of all evil.  Something that will give the owner and reader fantastical powers, Both boys have unscrupulous people chasing after them for the book. 

Oh, it started off so promising, but it was just missing something.  Maybe it was that clunker or two in the wording. Maybe it was the story from the past that never quite finished up.  Maybe it was the unanswered questions, not incidental to the story, but ones the story made you ask and then never answered.


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