Turtle takes us into a past-time paradise


Turtle in Paradise

by @jenniholm

Enjoyed this one. The characters seemed very real. Good descriptions.

Eleven-year-old Turtle is being shipped from New Jersey down to her aunt in FL after her mother takes a job with a lady who doesn’t like kids. In the 1930s, there weren’t many jobs around so it was understandable. Turtle leaves her mom who is Polly Sunshine compared to Turtle’s skepticism. Although Turtle thinks this latest boyfriend of her mother’s may be different.

Turtle enters a completely different world. Not only is the landscape different, she finds she is related to most of the people in the area. (It was just she and her mom before) Turtle discovers a world of boy cousins, food that grows all around them, and the dangers of paradise. She also begins to come out of her shell. She can still hold her own against all those boys, but she is willing to give a little.

Things come to a head when Turtle and her cousins get stranded on a nearby island.

Good story. Well told.

#encouragereading, #kidsread, #kidlit


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