The Land of Stories invites the reader into a magical land


The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

by @chriscolfer

Yes, I understand why my students like this one so much. It’s an adventure story in a world they know. The world of fairy tales.

Twins Alex and Conner Bailey are polar opposites. Conner is the class cut up, poor student, and everyone’s friend. Alex is the brainiac, teacher’s pet, and friendless. The thing they have in common is their love of fairy tales that has been nurtured by their dad and grandmother.

When they get pulled into the fairy tale world, they have to rely on each other. They think that since they got in so easily, it will be just as easy to get out, but they find that’s not the case. Also they discover that many of their favorite fairy tale characters aren’t who they expected.

Good story. Where I found it lacking was some of storytelling itself. Many times when Colfer was describing something later in the book, he would use the exact same words, like he just cut and pasted. And several descriptions made me laugh, and I don’t think they were meant to. Like when he refers to “the golden arches.” Is there a McDonald’s there? I think that his skills might improve with subsequent books.

Anyway, enjoyed the take on the fairy tale land. Good one for the classroom.


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