We need a new literature curriculum in schools!

Why are schools actively deadening our children’s taste for books?  Instead of trying to create or encourage readers, schools pick out the books that are “good” for students. Nevermind that students have to wade through antiquated language to get to the story. 

Is it that we had to read it so we inflict these classics on our kids? No wonder kids turn to video games and visual entertainment like movies in their free time.  All the books they’ve been introduced to are hard work.  We should be encouraging readers, not saying here’s your medicine, open wide.

Not everyone is going to be a literature major, but everyone would benefit from being a reader. 

Yes, there should be a balance. A classic now and again, but let’s update our curriculum in schools. Let’s bring on the fun!


2 thoughts on “We need a new literature curriculum in schools!

  1. It’s amazing when you take the time to read the classics with kids. They resist at first because the language is very rich and abundant, but then they totally get into the rich language, and at the end they say, I loved that book. They talk about that book for a long time because it was so antiquated and difficult to read, and like all good things it took effort and a tad of sacrifice and they feel so proud to accomplish such a task. Read Rosemary Sutcliffe’s The Eagle of the Ninth and by the end they were singing to their own tune, the song sung in the book. Classics stay with them for ever if you take the time to read it with them. Classics too are good for the soul.

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