The Rules for Disappearing exciting read for teens


The Rules for Disappearing

by Ashley Elston

Meg has it all down.  She’s been in the witness protection program for close to a year now, and her family has been relocated 6 times.  Each time she takes on a new persona.  It is getting hard.  Her mom is drinking. Her little sis is shutting down.  Meg carts hers and her sister’s most important items around with her because she never knows when the next move will be, and she wants to have some of her own things with her.

Meg’s family is relocated to Louisiana, and she is determined to stay under the radar and not to get too close to anyone. But then comes Ethan. Someone who won’t let her be.  

Meg begins getting suspicious that there might be someone watching her and her family. So when things begin to hit the fan, she has to figure out who she can depend on.

This one is for teens due to the violence in some of the scenes and drinking. It will keep kids reading.


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