Strong opening for Where Things Come Back


Where Things Come Back

by John Corey Whaley

Cullen Witter is a soon-to-be senior in a backwater Arkansas town.  There is nothing to do. Then, in the same summer: his cousin dies; a thought-to-be-extinct woodpecker is sighted; and his gifted, 15-year-old brother disappears.

In the second story line is about faith and understanding the meaning of God’s intentions. 

These two story lines will intersect. 

I think the author had a really good handle on Cullen’s story. It was interesting and kept me reading. Where the author was beginning to lose me was the lost missionary’s story. The lost missionary was understandable, but when his roommate took up the cause, it seemed out of character. I had trouble believing that this college, well-liked and very social, party boy became someone else.

Really strong opening line for this one. Story idea was good too. Where it gets bogged down is jumping from the Cullen Witter’s story line to the religious zealot’s story line.

This one is for older readers; 15 and up for the sex, drug overdose, etc.


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