Gift for trouble plagues boy in Korman’s Ungifted



by Gordon Korman

Donovan Curtis is a normal kid. One with a gift for trouble.  His sense of humor plus his lack of impulse control get him in trouble time after time.  After one spectacular display of doing before thinking it through, he is nabbed by the head of his district.  By some luck, instead of getting into trouble, he gets sent to the super-elite gifted school.

There, Donovan is trying to keep his head above water academically to not get sent back to his old school where he might have to face the consequences of his actions.

The gifted class is full of socially awkward kids, something that isn’t real, but serves to show the reader that Donovan’s gift might be reading social situations and people better than these kids.

Needless to say, they grow on and learn from each other.

Good story.  Both boys and girls from fourth grade on will like it.


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