The Last Wild by @PiersTorday is engaging


The Last Wild

by Piers Torday 


For 5th grade and up

Kester Jaymes has been sent to a type of reform school. Kester’s “crime” is that he won’t or can’t speak.  He is living in a future world without animals – rather a world with very few animals because they are dying from a disease which is able to mutate between species. The humans are afraid they are next.

Kester finds that not all the animals are infected and has to go on mission to help this “Last Wild” survive. Drawing on courage he didn’t know he had, Kester travels with a cockroach, a stag, and a flock of pigeons through a land which doesn’t welcome animals or those traveling with them.

This dystopian novel has less violence than The Hunger Games.  It is engaging and interesting until the last bit.  When Kester gets close to his goal some unlikely situations occur just so this can be book one. 



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