A Snicker of Magic brings the magic of words to the reader


A Snicker of Magic

by Natalie Lloyd

For fourth grade girls and older

Felicity Pickle collects words, and it’s a good thing because if she collected anything bigger she wouldn’t be able to take it along when she, her sister, her dog, and her mom move.  Her mom keeps the family moving from place to place in a van named the Jalapeño Pickle.

But Felicity thinks she might have found the place where she’d like to stay a while.  Here, she wouldn’t have to make new friends; here, she may have found her first friend ever, and here, there is family.

So when she is given the opportunity to help Midnight Gulch get it’s magic back, Felicity is not happy that it may be through her words spoken in front of the town.  

The words, descriptions, and feelings in this book are beautiful.


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