Shakespeare’s Secret good read for 5th grade girls and up


Shakespeare’s Secret

by Elise Broach

4 out of 5 stars

Hero is not looking forward to starting a new school.  She finds she gets off on the wrong foot each time, and it goes downhill from there.  It usually begins with her name – Hero, one of the characters from a Shakespearean play.

So on the first day of sixth grade when one of the girls in class mentions that Hero is her dog’s name, she knows that it’s going to be a bad year.  Not the same for her older sister, Beatrice, who is also named for a Shakespearean character, but a better name.

What helps Hero is the old lady next door, Mrs. Roth, tells her about a diamond which went missing in Hero’s new house.  Next thing Hero knows she is searching for a diamond, researching old connections to Shakespeare, all with the help of the coolest guy in 8th grade.

The mystery is fun.  The history is fun.  Some of the connections are a bit fantastic, but will probably go over well.

This one is for the girls; fifth grade on up.


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