The Bar Code Tattoo is good read for high school girls


The Bar Code Tattoo 

By Suzanne Weyn

3 out of 5 stars

It’s a new and updated future – no one needs to carry ID with them anymore.  Once you turn 17, you can get your own bar code tattooed on your arm.  But what does it mean?  Kayla has to decide whether she should or shouldn’t. And there seems to be some repercussions either way.  

The bar code tattoo seems to be affecting her family adversely, and her best friend’s family seem to have been hit financially once they were tattooed.  

What exactly does that tattoo have in it? What kind of information is it connected to?

At first, Kayla has a choice, then when it is put into law that everyone has to get the tattoo, she has to decide whether to stay and get tattooed, stay and fight it, or just flee.

Interesting idea.  Some parts were a little too new agey, but teen girls will like it.  Definitely for the 13 and older crowd.  There is violence, drug use, and suicide.



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