Go batty for The Bat in My Pocket


The Bat in My Pocket: A Memorable Friendship

by Amanda Lollar 

5 out of 5 stars

I was “assigned” this book by one of my students, and he was right.  The was an excellent read – heartwarming, engaging, informative.  It had something for everyone.

The author happens to find a hurt bat near her store. Overcoming her revulsion, she picks it up and takes it out of the Texas heat to die in a place where it may suffer less.  Two days later it was still alive, and she begins her odyssey as the “bat lady.”

Lollar details her attempts and missteps while making us fall for her bat, Sunshine, as she has.  She talks about the myths surrounding bats, and how they are good for our environment.

My student hopes that I will do this as a read aloud, and he will get his wish.


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