Mysterious Benedict Society (#1) gets 4 out of 5 stars


The Mysterious Benedict Society (#1)

by Trenton Lee Stewart

4 out of 5 stars

An ad addressing young gifted children, has many flocking to take the test so they will be invited to experience special opportunities; only 4 are.  They will be the youngest members of the Mysterious Benedict Society.  

This society, assembled by Mr. Benedict, must stop a madman from enacting his dastardly plan.  The only problem is they don’t know what the plan is; they just know it isn’t good.

The team is made up of Reynie, an average looking boy with an above average brain; Sticky, a boy who can memorize exactly just be looking at something once; Kate, a girl with the capabilities most superheroes would be envious of; and Constance, a small girl who seems to be the one to shoot most ideas down. These four are asked to discover what evil lurks in an educational institution known for good works. 

Our protagonist, Reynie, finds himself being tested in ways that his supreme intellect hasn’t been challenged before.  This young orphan must also decide which group offer him a more hopeful future; those they are investigating or his fellow investigators.

Exciting adventure with cartoonish bad guys and good guys, but a fun story for the fourth grade crowd and up.


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