Teens should read Divergent before seeing movie



by Veronica Roth

4 out of 5 stars

In this dystopian Chicago of the future, 16 year olds must choose which of 5 groups or factions they will remain with for the rest of their lives or become lower than low and factionless.  As with other 16 year olds, Beatrice Prior and her brother, Ben, take an aptitude test to see where their abilities lie.  Beatrice leaves with a secret; one that could kill her and, maybe, her family.

On the day of choosing, Beatrice goes with her heart and finds herself tested by a new set of rules and traditions than those she grew up with. Beatrice, now Tris, learns who her friends are and that maybe our hearts can make the right choice for us.

This is good, action packed adventure for the YA crowd.  Like The Hunger Games, it really isn’t suited for those under 13, no matter what kids or their parents think.  The story borrows heavily from The Giver and, to some extent, The City of Ember, but it has much more action for todays youth than those did. Making this a movie is a no brainer, but YAs should read the book first.


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