Three stars for I Was a Rat


I Was a Rat

by Philip Pullman

 3 out of 5 stars

 “I was a rat,” claims a scruffy, little boy who shows up on the doorstep of Bob (a cobbler) and his wife Joan (a washerwoman).  The kind couple take him in and try to find out who he belongs to.  Not finding anyone, they begin to take care of him.  

 His habits are strange and could be considered a bit ratty.  When a member of the king’s court wants to take the boy to study him, the old couple let him. But the man looses the child, which leads us on a chase all over the countryside. As this is happening, between chapters we see sample news pages detailing the prince and the royal wedding.  

Soon everyone is embroiled in finding a monster in the sewers.  Could it be a story out of control or is it true? It will take a royal hand and a bit of luck to bring about a happy ending here.

 For third grade and up.  For children who like fantasy.


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